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EPIC Family Chiropractic Team

EPIC Family Chiropractic Office Manager, Stephanie Torrie

Stephanie Torrie – Office Manager

I feel so fortunate to be a part of EPIC Family Chiropractic! Sharing the benefits of Chiropractic Care with our community is one of my favorite things. Dr. Mark and I have always strived to make health one of the top priorities in our family. I feel very passionate about it and love being able to help others do the same. Ever since going to a chiropractor when I was pregnant with our first child, I have seen the benefits of chiropractic care first hand and wanted to make it a regular part of care for our family and share it with others. When I am not in the office I am running around with our three kids. After moving to Boone to be closer to family, we have loved being able to hike and camp and be outside exploring.

EPIC Family Chiropractic Chiropractic Assistant, Bryn NelsonBryn Nelson – Chiropractic Assistant

Bryn was born in Pennsylvania but grew up in Greensboro, NC with her parents and two brothers. Athletics and health were a priority for her family and Bryn continued the pursuit of both.

She received her esthetic license from the Aveda Institute in Chapel Hill working for 8 years in a spa setting where she developed her love for wellness and serving people. She started her own bridal makeup company and moved to Boone where she fell in love with the mountains and began her most important job of being a mama to her son Cooper.

After suffering from postpartum depression Bryn found natural healing through holistic nutrition and CrossFit and never looked back. She is passionate about empowering others to optimize their health and relentlessly pursue growth and excellence. She is a Level 1 Crossfit coach and Precision Nutrition certified nutrition coach.

“I feel so fortunate to be a part of Epic Family Chiropractic. I believe chiropractic care is essential for optimal health and recovery. As we nurture our health we can be the best parents, sons, daughters and friends and truly impact our families for the best. Lives are being changed through this practice.”

Chiropractic Assistant, Alexis CarlinoAlexis Carlino – Chiropractic Assistant

I was born and raised in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Growing up I loved spending entire fun-packed days in the heart of Myrtle with my dad. Which translates to funnel cakes, bowling, Family Kingdom Amusement Park, ice cream, sunburns, salty wet hair, watching my dad play music at all the poolside bars, free maraschino cherries from the bartenders, and all the (non-alcoholic) mango daiquiris I wanted! The scents of citronella candles, salt, and sunscreen filled my summers. As an adult I still love the beach as much as I did when I was a child. Except now (when I go back home for visits) I enjoy quietly sitting in the sand late at night when the beach is empty to watch the ocean roll in and out. I’m also a gamer! My favorites are Fallout, Borderlands, Portal, Elder Scrolls, and We Happy Few. I’m new to Boone, and it’s so beautiful!! I’m so excited to see where life in the mountains takes me! Also, I apologize in advanced and appreciate anyone who gets stuck behind me putt-puttin’ along on these curvy mountain roads – I’m still getting used to them!

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At EPIC Family Chiropractic I thoroughly enjoy working for Dr. Mark and Stephanie. When I first began working with them I was so impressed by how highly regarded they are by their patients in the community. I witness them showing genuine kindness and sympathy towards their patients daily. They don’t allow themselves to get swept up in the monotony of checking people in and out like a lot of places do. I’ve also heard so many stories about how patients have walked in crossing their fingers, hoping for help. Every single story ends with how much improvement they see and feel in their overall health. I was curious to see if they could help me too. I have scoliosis and was always told since I was 12 years old that the only way it was going to get better was to have a risky surgery that had a high chance to leave my paralyzed. I’ve never liked cardio but no one has ever seen me run faster than I did out of that hospital. Dr. Mark just recently began treating me and I already feel things changing that I never thought would be possible. For the first time in…well…ever I have hope that I can experience improvement too. For all of that they most certainly have my respect. I’m proud to be a team member of this practice.

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