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Pediatric Chiropractic Boone

During Dr. Mark’s years in chiropractic college, he was a member of the pediatrics and pregnancy club. His interest in treating children has led to a focus on pediatric chiropractic at EPIC Family Chiropractic. The additional studies he’s undertaken ensure that he can care for the youngest members of your family.

Helping Kids Enjoy Their Childhood

The majority of children who come to our office aren’t in pain though some suffer from headaches. They usually have troubles such as

  • Autism
  • Bed-wetting
  • Colic
  • Digestive issues
  • Sleeping problems

Though the human body is incredibly complex, the idea of chiropractic is simple. We locate any areas of stress on their nervous system. Then, we remove that interference so that their body can adapt and heal. As a result, many common conditions may be resolved.

What to Expect

We can send you the paperwork via email so that you can fill it out at home. Your child’s consultation can also take place over the phone, with Mom or Dad talking to Dr. Mark. When your child comes to the office, they can play in our “Kid Zone” and be themselves. We want them to feel comfortable from the moment they step in.

The evaluation includes scans with the CLA Insight™ Subluxation Station. These three scans assess their nervous system health. They’re noninvasive and take just a few minutes to complete. During the adjustment, they can lie on Mom or Dad. If they’re curious about the instrument adjuster we use, they can look at it and test it out.

We Love Seeing Children!

One of our youngest patients was raised by a single mom. He had more energy than your average child, and as a result, wasn’t doing well in school. After becoming a patient, he eliminated his medication. He was doing well in school, focusing and was a more balanced and well-rounded child.
Another girl had Lyme disease and other issues. When she first came into our office, she was lethargic. At one of her more recent visits, she was happy, bouncing around and had the energy you’d expect of a young girl.

If you’ve been searching for a pediatric chiropractor, you’ve come to the right place. Contact us today to schedule an appointment or to answer any questions that you might have!

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