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Pregnancy Chiropractic Boone

kids walkingThe Torrie family first discovered chiropractic while Dr. Mark’s wife Stephanie was pregnant. This experience was what motivated Dr. Mark to enroll at Parker University and become a chiropractor. There, he joined the pediatric and prenatal chiropractic club. His studies on these topics continue today. Dr. Mark is certified in the Webster Technique. He also practices many other techniques that can be adapted to you during pregnancy.

Specific, Gentle Care for Moms-to-Be

While your body grows and changes during pregnancy, aches and pains can result. You might have discomfort in the low back or feel pain down your leg called sciatica. Your center of gravity shifts and your pelvis is readying for birth. Chiropractic care can keep your ligaments, tendons and pelvis balanced. Then, your baby can grow and develop without strain or tension.

The Benefits of Prenatal Chiropractic

When you’re functioning at 100%, you can get the rest you need as well as adapt better to the stresses of life. Even if you’re not experiencing pain or discomfort, chiropractic is great during pregnancy. Moms under chiropractic care experience quicker labor times that are less intense and have been shown to result in fewer interventions during birth.

You don’t have to be in pain to seek our help during pregnancy. The nerves from your spine connect to your uterus. Even if you feel healthy, we can make sure that you stay comfortable and don’t have any problems. We also recommend that moms who have difficulty getting pregnant see us. Dr. Mark has assisted many couples with fertility troubles to be able to conceive.

The Webster Technique

The Webster Technique begins the process of balancing the pelvis, which may relieve tension in the uterus. Once that tension is removed, your baby may be free to follow its instincts and assume its best possible position for birth. It is very comfortable and extremely safe.

Find Out More!

If you’re expecting, would like to be or are curious about what we can do for your family, contact us today! We’ll be happy to discuss chiropractic or get you scheduled for your first appointment.

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