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Dr. Mark adjusting childBoone Chiropractor – EPIC Health Care for You and Your Family

At EPIC Family Chiropractic, we have one sole purpose: to help you reach your goals. Do you want to play with your children? Start exercising? Run a marathon? Find relief from debilitating pain? Boone Chiropractor Dr. Mark Torrie provides specific and science-based care.

Though you might think chiropractors deal with pain, it’s not just for those who are hurting. We want to get sick people healthy and keep healthy people from getting sick. Our team is dedicated to helping you and your family live a healthier, more fulfilled life. You can think of pain as your body’s check engine light. It’s a sign that something is wrong, and we can give you the attention you need.

Our second location in West Jefferson will be open to serve you soon. Keep an eye on our website and Facebook for more information.